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We would like to present the construction and function of the real (factory made)
hologram labels through the Hologram Ireland Ltd's custom label:

This hologram label contains 13 different security elements that provide both safety and aesthetics. This label was made for presentation purposes, so when making a custom hologram label we advise no more than 5-6 elements to avoid overcrowding. It can be seen in the picture that the colours of the artwork do not correspond with the real colours on the final label because the real colours cannot be reproduced graphically, which is part of the security feature of hologram labels that they cannot be copied in any way. These elements are the following:

1. 3D Background: The lines in the background give depth to the hologram and the tunnel effect attracts the eye to the middle.
2. 2 Channels: Very impressive effect, this case you can see Ireland from one side and Europe from the other, depending on the viewpont.
3. Guilloche: Generated by a computer algorithm, in this case a spiral line design. It cannot be reproduced without knowing the original algorithm.
4. Coloured digital effect: Located in the lower "triangle" is one of the simpler effects, responsible for the rainbow color on the hologram.
5. Focused coloured digital effect: Contrary to the coloured digital effect, this element can be focused, making the background more spectacular.
6. Metallic digital effect: The metallic matte effect does not contain the usual rainbow colour of the hologram, providing a completely new, modern experience.
7. Colourless white: This special matte white effect does not seem to be aesthetical, although it is quite important, for this offers a surface to print bar codes or QR codes when it is important to identify the individual labels.
8. Lens effect with text: Generally a circular 3 dimensional effect where the circle resembles a magnifying glass. Complete texts can be written with several adjacent lens effect with text elements.
9. Shrink-expand effect: A pulsing effect, primarily a hologram characteristic as it is very spectacular.
10. Emerging effect: This element gives the illusion of a convex surface as if the hologram was embossed.
11. Micro text: The most popular security element, legible with a magnifying glass.
12. Nano text: This nano text is a forensic level security element, the letters are only a handful of microns tall and are only legible through a magnifying glass if the person has good eyesight. Otherwise it is easier readable with a microscope.
13. Hidden image: Projects the text "HI", and you can obtain it by fitting a clear surface (paper or wall) perpendicular to the label, then point a laser to the hidden image's position. This will project the text's or the image's reflection.

The adhesive of the label itself has honeycomb tamper.
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