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Hologram foil
Frequently used in the printing industry, usually with wallpaper design for various surfaces. It is made with a 120 000 dpi master so the design can be quite elaborate and the minimum order quantity is 200 square metres. If you are looking for a design with eye-mark (positioned, or register), it is also possible.
Void materials are the second most popular technology for preventing counterfeiting. Can be used on almost any surfaces, available for any printing technology. The minimum order quantity varies between 200 and 400 square metres.
hologram foil
The speciality of the cold foil is that the application is much faster than the hot stamping foil and it is also overprintable. These two features make it easier to implement in the production line. It is true that the minimum order quantity for customised cold foil is a few thousand square metres so we only recommend it for large production volume.
holographic card laminating
This spectacular security component is specifically used on plastic cards. It serves the protection and aesthetic of high security level or special design cards.
security material
The white surface of this special material turns red when the edges contact with water. The process is irreversible, so this material is useful for those who experience warranty fraud frequently.
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