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Printing materials

Hot Stamping Foil:

The holographic hot stamping foil is frequently used in the printing industry, but usually with a wallpaper design. The reason is because in the past it was very hard to obtain unique raw materials, as the minimum order quantity was several thousand square metres.

Luckily this is in the past, because our minimum order quantity for custom holographic hot stamping foil now is only 200 square metres. There is no upper limit of course, even tens of thousands of square metres can be ordered.

Modern technology makes eye-mark (positioned, or register) hologram also possible for your product.

Void security materials:

Void materials and labels are the second most popular technology for preventing counterfeiting besides holography. It got its name from the "VOID" text appearing on the surface, indicating that the secured original adhesive has void parts in it, meaning it has been tampered with. The original text is still popular, but other texts and shapes (eg "OPEN", checkerboard, honeycomb) have appeared on the materials which, combined with the various colours and transfer types, are approching the uniqueness of a lego building, fit for almost any purpose and need.

The custom tamper is a speciality which makes the label truly one of a kind.

The adhesive for the material can be partial transfer (positive), total transfer (negative) and non-transfer.
The partial transfer (positive) is probably the most commonly used type, in this case the text stays on the surface and the rest of the adhesive remains on the face material.
The total transfer (negative) is the exact opposite, where the text remains on the face material and rest of the adhesive stays on the surface leaving a definite mark (recommended for example on boxes or other packaging).
The third type is the non-transfer, which is useful when the surface is delicate and the end user does not want to deal with removing the remainder of the adhesive, but the face material still becomes untransferable.

Holographic cold foil:

The cold foil is more recent technology than the HSF but not as widely used. Its advantage is that it is much faster than hot stamping and it can be overprinted, so it is easier to implement in the production line. The cold foil technology is capable of producing very special products.

The disadvantage is that the minimum order quantity of customised cold foil is high, but large volume production is needed for the advantages to actually show.

Holographic card laminating foil:

This spectacular security component is especially used on plastic cards. It serves the protection and aesthetic of high security level or special design cards.

Water indicator material:

The white surface of this material turns red when the edges contact with water. The process is irreversible, so this material is beneficial for those who experience warranty fraud frequently, eg. repairing tablets and smart phones.
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