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hologram label
Factory made, with a 120 000 dpi master, the real hologram has an elaborate design, suitable for any surface but the minimum order should be at least 10 000 - 20 000 labels depending on the size.
Laser Lights hologram
Invented by the founders of the company, this label made of destructible material is ideal for small quantities as the minimum order quantity is 1 000 pcs, suitable for most surfaces but we are not able to produce complex designs with this technology.
Void label
The void label is also suitable for smaller quantities if you need to bend the label or if it needs to withstand a harsher environment. The design is made in black and white with a transparent hologram overlay.
The General pattern labels are factory made labels with a generic design. These are suitable for any surface and always available in our warehouse. The minimum order is 500 pcs and you can choose from a variety of designs.
Security tapes are the easiest way to protect your packaging. The most used brown colour tapes match the colour of the general tapes making it harder to recognise the security feature. The tapes come in different colours and can also be overprinted.
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