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Security labels

Real hologram:

Made in a designated factory, it has the highest security level from the labels described on this page. The 120 000 dpi resolution results in a truly special, practically unforgable label that is unmatched in aesthetics.
It must be ordered in relatively large quantities (from a ten thousand scale to even a million pieces per month) so the price for a piece is very small. The only disadvantage is that the production time takes 4 to 6 weeks.

More information of the structure of hologram labels on this link.

Laser Lights label:

Developed by the founders of the company, the Laser Lights technology was designed for smaller quantities. Our custom labels made from destructible material can be ordered from 1 000 pieces and they are cheap, reliable, hard to counterfeit and quickly ready. However, in larger quantities the price for a piece is high, the maximum available size is limited (3 x 3 cm) and the design lags behind the real holograms.

Overprinted label:

Overprinting the general pattern labels with one or more colours results in customised labels. The advantage of this type is that they are quickly and easily printed in small quantities as well, although it is not so aesthetic and lacks the necessary security features to prevent reproduction by printing technologies.
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